Project Manager Pro

Project Manager Pro



Release Date 13 Jan 2021 08:10
Maturity Stable
Compatibility Joomla 3.8.xMySql 5.5.3Php 7.0

We started a smooth expansion of this successful component adding 2 plugins and 1 module full of options, which let you list a selection of projects anywhere on your site. So, now Project Manager Pro is a package. Installation process will install every elements, just download the zip archive and install it like every other Joomla's extension.

The documentation was included in the backend dashboard to let you have it at your fingertips always. All our "new generation" packages have it included in the backend, and in every update we provide to do the same for old components too.

Release's content

Element File name Size
Project Manager Pro v1.1.2 839,24 KB

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Changes Log

added Module to display projects selection on front end
security Improved
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