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set each document as hidden, so they can be downloaded but not listed in the files list on site side
deny the direct download, so the users have to use a link in your site to download
deny access to download to robots
collect user's info on download for security reason
anonymize the IP (manually or with a server cronjob)
set a delay before IP anonymization process is run
set a menu item to files list page: its configuration include:
select the files category you want to list
list only featured items
show intro text only in files list (use Joomla's "read more" button in text editor)
sort the list by creation date or title, ascending or descending
show the featured items first, so they are listed always on top
show/hide the download button, useful if you want to set the download link somewhere else
disable the link to single item view, useful if you just want to display a list of items with the download button
set image width and height for both list and single items view
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