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Current version: 1.0.1
Maturity Stable
Release Date 26 Jun 2020 19:20
Compatibility Joomla 3.8.xJoomla 3.9.x
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Module to show form and comments list anywhere included
Form sent via jQuery (not page reload required)
Configuration options:
Show form on selected ACL level only
Display an introduction text
Set new comment status to "Published" or "Unpublished"
Use Captcha (Joomla's re-captcha plugin)
Use Captcha for selected ACL level
Minumum comment lenght
Show module only on single item view
Prevent twice comment by the same user ( checks ip of last comment submitted)
Prevent twice comment by the same user on thread ( checks ip of last comment submitted in the same thread only)
Remove links (will remove all links submitted in the comment)
Sanitize links (links are kept in the comment but edited to be inoperable, you will be able to easily edit them back)
Date format (20 preset formats to choose from, if you don't find yours just ask)
Answer title mode: none, static preset, from database, dynamic (from databse if it's not empty, static preset otherwise)
Listing limit (on page load and on each "show more" button click)
Use gravatar (for users who posted a comment when logged in)
User icon size


Version Release Date Downloads
v. 1.0.1 26 Jun 2020 19:20

Changes Log

Version Change
v. 1.0.1  
  fixed Prevent twice comments in same thread not working fine
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The documentation is inside the package!

A totally new way to intend the documentation!
Find it inside the package,
in the component dashboard!
Always at your fingertips, where you need it, when you need it
and overall updated to the version you are working on!

Administrator side, dashboard menu item

Open the component dashboard

After the package installation, go to -> Dashboard to access the component's dashboard. Here you can find the Documentation tab.
Click on documentation tab

Click on Documentation tab

Click the Documentation tab to access the configuration and documentation.
We use a lot of note fields.

If things become complicated you find useful notes.

If things become complex, you find Notes field with full and clear documentation inline, exaclty where you need it and related exactly to the item you are working on!
Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

And if all of this was not enough, move the mouse over the field label to get a full explanation of what it is required!


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