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Manage issues for every type of projects, using our extremely flexible package.

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Current version: 1.0.15
Maturity Stable
Release Date 9 Jun 2020 16:00
Compatibility Joomla 3.8.xJoomla 3.9.x
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The issue tracker for every kind of project!

Exciting features allow you to manage every kind of issue for your Projects.

Issues List

Keep your stress under control and spend your energy on what is important really!

Display issues totals grouped on 4 priority levels only. Just to have a fast glance on over what is going on.

Even if the component allows you to se up to 99 priority levels, this screen allows you to cluster all of them into only 4 groups.


Set up each project you want to track issues for.

Set up your project you want to track issue for. Select even which kind of issues you want to track only for this project. It means all the issues category not set here will be not available as options to assign the issue to.


Set the messages template for new "In charge" notification or revoke messages.

You can set messages template for every project which will be used by the component to notify a new In charge notification or, in case of changes, even to notify the dismissal of the assignment, automatically. Placeholder are available to customize the message on-fly with the project/issue data.


Access issues list directly within the project record.

Access the project issues list directly within the project record, add a new issue or edit an existing one accessing the issue edit view directly. Save time and energy with well organized data.


Set-up the issue notification.

Set the default data for new issue notification in component config and then refine the issue record manually if needed. If you change the responsible, both previous and new one will receive an email notification for the change.

We use this component for not supported packages here.


Set project's responsible
Set issue's responsible
Notify responsible with an email message on new assignment or revoke.
Assign each staff member to specific issue type(s)
Allow image upload (front-end) (.png only for max security level)
Allow image upload (front-end) (.png only for max security level) only to selected Access Level
Include re-captcha (default joomla plugin) (front-end)
Include re-captcha (default joomla plugin) (front-end) only on selected Access Level
set images folder path for max security level
images displayed only base64 encoded for max security level
Up to 100 priority levels
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited staff members
Set CSS class to each priority level directly in back-end
Set CSS class to each issue type directly in back-end
Use 24 pre-formatted CSS classes
User's action log plugin
Instructions always available in the dashboard, in "Documentation" tab.


Version Release Date Downloads
v. 1.0.15 9 Jun 2020 16:00
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The documentation is inside the package!

A totally new way to intend the documentation!
Find it inside the package,
in the component dashboard!
Always at your fingertips, where you need it, when you need it
and overall updated to the version you are working on!

Administrator side, dashboard menu item

Open the component dashboard

After the package installation, go to -> Dashboard to access the component's dashboard. Here you can find the Documentation tab.
Click on documentation tab

Click on Documentation tab

Click the Documentation tab to access the configuration and documentation.
We use a lot of note fields.

If things become complicated you find useful notes.

If things become complex, you find Notes field with full and clear documentation inline, exaclty where you need it and related exactly to the item you are working on!
Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

And if all of this was not enough, move the mouse over the field label to get a full explanation of what it is required!


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