All extensions are 100% Joomla! CMV structure

All our extensions respect Joomla! 's structure and functions.
It means you can override them like any Joomla!'s core component.

  • Bp Comments

    Bp Comments

    Gather comments from your site's visitors in every component!
    No matter what!
  • Bp Contact Us

    Bp Contact Us

    Ajax/jQuery Contact Us Form
    as a menu linked page
    or a module you can display wherever you want.
  • Bp Issue Tracker

    Manage your project's issues!

    Manage your project's issues in a professional way with a simple and fast component!
  • Bp Project & Budget Manager

    Manage your Projects and Budgets

    Plug & Play!
    Forget to waste your time just to understand how the component works.
    Bp Project Manager let you easily manage your projects & budgets.
  • The most easy kitchen blog in the world.

    The most easy Kitchen blog in the world.

    The most easy Kitchen Blog in the world.
    Ever dreamed to start your own Kitchen Blog? Do you want something easy, plug & play?
    Bp Kitchen Blog Free is your solution.
  • Bp Library

    Bp Library

    Speed up your Joomla! programming process with Bp Library.
    Use shorter and intuitive classes and methods which will never change.
    Discover how to start with ease.

All 100% packages are Plug&Play

All our extensions are easy to install and configure.
Getting started in just few clicks.

Bp Comments: comments for every extensions!

Gather comments for every extension!

Gather comments for every extension with a jQuery form in a module you can display anywhere rich of configuration options!
90 € (vat 21% included)
Bp Contact Us: contact us form, page and module!

Contact Us form, page and module!

Ajax/jQuery Contact Us form, a menu linked page or in a module you can display anywhere, rich of configuration options!
45 € (vat 21% included)
Manage issues for every project!

Bp Issue Tracker

Manage issues for every type of project: assign responsible, staff specialist, track resolution applied and side effects too!
75 € (vat 21% included)
Bp Project Manager Pro

Bp Project Manager Pro

Plug & Play package to manage your projects and budgets. Keep trace of all project costs and limit unauthorized/unforeseen costs.
43 € (vat 21% included)
Bp Project Manager Free

Bp Project Manager Free

Plug & Play component to manage your projects, assigning milestones to every projects and tasks to every milestone!
Bp Kitchen Blog Free

Bp Kitchen Blog Free

The simplest kitchen blog in the world! Ever dreamed to start your own kitchen blog? Start today in less than 5 minutes!

The documentation is inside the package!

A totally new way to intend the documentation!
Find it inside the package,
in the component dashboard!
Always at your fingertips, where you need it, when you need it
and overall updated to the version you are working on!

Administrator side, dashboard menu item

Open the component dashboard

After the package installation, go to -> Dashboard to access the component's dashboard. Here you can find the Documentation tab.
Click on documentation tab

Click on Documentation tab

Click the Documentation tab to access the configuration and documentation.
We use a lot of note fields.

If things become complicated you find useful notes.

If things become complex, you find Notes field with full and clear documentation inline, exaclty where you need it and related exactly to the item you are working on!
Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

Not enough? Mouse hover the field to get more infos!

And if all of this was not enough, move the mouse over the field label to get a full explanation of what it is required!