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Release Date 17 Apr 2020 17:01
Maturity Stable
Compatibility Joomla 3.7.xJoomla 3.8.xJoomla 3.9.x

This is a major upgrade release which introduce Budget management.

Starting with this release you can take trace of project financing and/or cost cutting by assigning a financing or cost cutting to it in a new tab, in the project edit view.

You can even assign a budget for every task (in task edit view), so you can manage your budget and divide it for the project's tasks.

Then you and/or you co-operator can insert the actions done (or to be done) to accomplish every task, setting the cost supported (or to be supported) for it. It's even possible to set if the cost is already foreseen in the budget assigned to the task or not. In the latter case, a radio button (readonly) will show the cost is not authorized yet and another radio button will show the cost is not yet reviewed by the project's or task's (this is up to you) responsible. Project's and/or task's responsible then can let the co-operator know the extra cost has been noticed by checking the radio button and authorize or not the cost with the other radio button.

This is a big, big improvement.

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