v. 1.0.4
Bp Contact Us

Contact us page + module to display the form whereever you want.

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Current version: 1.0.4
Maturity Stable
Release Date 28 Jun 2020 16:10
Compatibility Joomla 3.8.xJoomla 3.9.x
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Bp Contact Us package let you display a "contact us" form through a menu link to a site page or using a module, which you can display wherever you want.

Prevent email spam enabling captcha (requires Joomla recaptcha plugin enabled) and, if it not enough, limit 1 sending in a custom time lag. Not enough? Ban the IP and or the email with a click and the component will prevent other email sending.

Both the site page and the module forms work in jQuery, fast and clean.

  • Features
    Form Access Level
    jQuery form submission
    captcha on selected ACL
    Save or not data in databse
    Remove or sanitize links from message before save
    Mobile phone field
    Mobile phone field mandatory
    Minimum message lenght
    Accept Privacy Policy checkbox
    Accept Privacy Policy checkbox mandatory
    Accept the Terms of service checkbox
    Accept the Terms of service checkbox mandatory
    Prevent form submission if a mandatory field is missing
    Prevent twice (or more) form submission in a custom time lag
    Form as a site side page
    Form shown in a module
    Set custom form title in configuration, both component and module (separately)
    Set introduction text in configuration, both component and module (separately)
    Translate both front and admin side language directly in the component backend
    Instructions and documentation available directly in the backend of the package
  • Releases
    Version Release Date Downloads
    v. 1.0.4 28 Jun 2020 16:10
  • Changes Log

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