Bp Library Package

Bp Library Package



Release Date 5 Apr 2020 07:06
Maturity Stable
Compatibility Joomla 3.7.x
Downloads 13

Some improvements, some finishes and some clean up. Have a look at the changes log.

  • Release's content
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    Bp Library Package v2.0.7 pkg_bpl_v2_0_7__J3.zip 165,39 KB 13 Download
  • Changes Log
    fixed BpDate::addTime didn't subtract time
    changed BpUsr::getBrowser now it uses JBrowser and return more extended info
    changed BpUsr::getIpInfo as conseguenze of BpUsr::getBrowser changes, return more extended info
    added BpDb::dbTry passing extra array 'return' => 'function' you will get the query result directly instead of $db object
    fixed BpMail::cleanAddress wrong result
    fixed BpMail::send Recipients names were not treated as array
    deprecated Bp::isExt Use Bp::isExtension instead. It will be removed in v.3.0
    added Bp::addCssStyle add a css style declaration in HEAD section
    added Bp::passToJ method to pass var value to java/jquery script
    changed Bp::txt now it can be used with strings too, passing a string as second argument
    changed Bp::getMenuParams Enhanced the option to get active menu params
    changed Bp::getViewMenuId Enhanced the option to get active menu id associated with the current view
    added Bp::registry Retrieve a json encoded string to array (only, at the moment)
    added Bp::parseUrl Return an array with parsed url passed as argument (server's referer if not argument is passed)
    changed Bp::getUser Now a specific user id may be passed as argument (current user is default)
    changed Bp::updateUserSess Now a specific user id may be passed as argument (current user is default)
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