Bp Library Package

Bp Library Package



Release Date 13 Mar 2020 16:56
Maturity Stable
Compatibility Joomla 3.7.x
Downloads 27

Bp Library release 2.0.6 is a major improvement. Have a look at the changes log.

  • Release's content
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    Bp Library Package v2.0.6 pkg_BPLibrary_v2_0_6__j3.zip 358,12 KB 27 Download
  • Changes Log
    fixed Bp::getUrl('site') failed to return valid data
    added Bp::getMenuParams get the active menu params (if any), false otherwise
    added Bp::getConfig get the Joomla's installation configuration object
    added Bp::arrayToObject transform recursively an array into object
    added Bp::ObjectToArray transform recursively an object into array
    deprecated Bp::getModel DEPRECATED (will be removed in 3.0) use BpDb::getModel instead
    deprecated Bp::isAdminSide DEPRECATED (will be removed in 3.0) use Bp::isAdmin instead
    added Bp::isSite check if the call comes from the site side
    added Bp::isAdmin check if the current side is administrator
    added Bp::getActiveMenuId get the active menu ID if any, false otherwise
    added Bp::getViewMenuId retrieve the supplied (or current if not supplied) view menu id if any
    added Bp::escape escape a string when you can't use Joomla's native escape
    added Bp::enqMex alias of Bp::addMex - we will see in the future which one will be removed
    added Bp::getPageHeading get the page heading based on menu params or fall in general if missing
    added Bp::getMex retrieve all system messages or clean up the messages queue passing true as param
    added Bp::versionCompare needed because version_compare fails (ie: on 1.10.82 vs 1.10.83)
    added Bp::getVersion returns the library current version
    added Bp::updateUserSess update the user session, required after ACL changes
    fixed BpDate::addTime fixed sign - when time < 0
    added BpDb::getItem get a db row using the model with all its rules
    added BpDb::getTable alias of getInstance, public access
    added BpDb::getModel get the model object
    changed BpDb::getInstance optimized
    added BpDb::getDate returns the current UTC date to format Y-d-m H:i:s
    changed BpDb all query methods: passing $extra['log'] => true $query will be logged before executed
    fixed BpFile::exists failed with hard mode enabled
    fixed BpForm::setValue didn't return the form object
    fixed BpForm::setAttribute didn't return the form object
    deprecated BpUsr::getGeoData DEPRECATED (will be removed in 3.0) use getIpInfo instead
    added BpUsr::getIpInfo use in the same way as getGeoData
    added BpUsr::isBot return true is the current user is a recognized bot crawler
    added BpUsr::logout logout a user
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