Get the most from BPLibrary and speed up your production.

The main principle of BPLibrary is to get the most advantage from a CMS, writing the less possible, using just few classes easy to remember. Always the same, no matter what happens to the CMS, keeping your extensions easy and fast to develop, update, expand.

If you too are astonished by how much code you have to write every time (always the same) just to make a simple component to insert, retrieve and display data you will find the following pages very interesting.

We think that there is nothing better than get your hand dirty to better understand a thing, so let's develop an example component together.


Let's develop a component together

For the sake of clarity we will not call the component HelloWorld... but in a more real world case naming.
We will assume you already know how to develop a Joomla!'s component and are familiar with its single and plurals conventional classes/views naming.

Say you have to develop a component for a cars dealer and the component name is "com_dealer". Let's start from admin side.

Have a look at what BPLibrary can do for you.